Research Labs - Department of Physics

Plasma Research Lab
Research Activities Laser Plasma Interactions: Self-focusing of laser Harmonic generation Laser-Plasma accelerators and THz generation Instrumentation Available Plasma Characterization System. Magnetron DC Sputtering System. Highlights
Plasma Characterization System

DC Magnetron Sputtering

Thin Film Laboratory
Research Activities We are working in the field of correlated electron materials, mainly oxides. We prepare bulk and thin films of multifunctional oxide materials such as binary oxides (pure and doped) and perovskites. These materials are being developed for their desirable magnetic, electronic and optical properties. Possible areas of applications are Spintronics, solar cell materials and transparent conducting oxides. Instrumentation Available Muffle furnace, pH meter, magnetic stirrer Highlights
Muffle furnace

Magnetic stirrer with hot plate

Nanomaterial Synthesis and Characterization Lab
Research Activities Synthesis of carbon nanostructures using an open diffusion flame chamber by employing hydrocarbon or renewable fuels as a carbon source. Purification of synthesized material using the co-flow micro-filtration technique to remove the residual impurities. The application part includes incorporation of nanostructures in glass matrices to synthesize electrically conductive glasses. Instrumentation Available Open Diffusion Flame Reactor Chamber, Micro-Filtration Kit Highlights
Open Diffusion Flame Reactor Chamber

Micro-Filtration Kit

Advanced Nuclear Physics Lab
Research Activities - Nuclear Structure - Systematic study of Normal Deformed Nuclei - Systematic study of Super Deformed Nuclei Instrumentation Available GM Counter, Scintillation Counter Highlights
GM Counter

Scintillation Counter

Liquid Crystal Lab
Research Activities Study of electro-optic properties ferroelectric and Nematic Liquid crystals liquid crystals materials. - Study of Dielectric properties in Liquid crystals and its composites. -Morphological and optical effects in polymer dispersed liquid crystals composites. -Study of Polymer and Nano materials stabilized Blue Phase Liquid Crystals. -Synthesis and characterization of Nanofluids Instrumentation Available Temperature controller with hot stage, Polarizing optical microscope, Precision Impedance Analyser, Sonicater, Digital Storage Oscilloscope and Function Generator, Micro weighing balance, High Voltage Linear Amplifier A400, Digital Multi-meter. Highlights
Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

Polarizing Optical Microscope (POM)

Impedance Analyser
Environment Monitoring and Assessment Lab
Research Activities The research work is dedicated to monitoring of natural radionuclides in air, water and soil and assessment of health risks to the general population. Active and passive measurements of radon, thoron and their progenies are done in the indoor dwellings. Environmental impacts of natural radionuclides namely 226Ra, 232Th and 40K in soils, building materials and related products are analysed. Water-quality parameters and natural uranium concentration in groundwater is determined for regulatory purposes. Instrumentation Available Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, NaI(Tl) Scintillation Detector, Gamma Spectrometer, Constant Temperature Bath, Spark Counter, Static Radon and Thoron monitor, RAD7, LED fluorimeter, EC meter, Pinhole cup dosimeters, DRPS/DTPS, Optical Microscope, Multiparameter portable meter system for various physico-chemical parameters (pH, TDS, Salinity, DO, conductivity etc.). Highlights
Industry Oriented Lab Facilities at Environment Monitoring and Assessment Lab