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Dr. H. M. Mittal
Associate Professor
Dept. of Physics

1. The 8th SHIVALIK HEPCATS Workshop is a highly anticipated event scheduled to take place on 12th May 2023 at the NIT Jalandhar Campus. This workshop aims to bring together professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts in the field of HEPCATS to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration. (New!)

2. On behalf of PSS, We congratulate Dr. Vinod Ashokan for the publication of his research paper in ‘SPIN’ titled “Sublattice Magnetizations of Ultrathin Ferrimagnetic Lamellar Nanostructures between Cobalt Leads.

3. PSS extends its heartfelt congratulations to the MSc Physics students on their remarkable achievement of securing placements in prestigious coaching institutes through campus recruitment. We take immense pride in your accomplishment. We wish you the very best in your future endeavors and are confident that you will continue to achieve greater heights.

4. On behalf of PSS, we congratulate Dr. Rohit Mehra and scholar Ms. Arti Jangir for the publication of their research paper in ‘Environmental Monitoring and Assessment’ titled “Analysis of heavy metals and toxicity level in tannery effluent and the environs”.

5. On behalf of PSS, we congratulate Dr. Parveen Malik and his scholar Mr. Ashwani for the publication of their research paper in "the Journal of Molecular Liquids’ titled “Metal oxide alumina nanowire-induced polymer-dispersed liquid crystal composites for low power consumption smart windows".

6. On behalf of PSS, we congratulate Dr. Suneel Dutt, Dr. Arvind Kumar, and scholar Ms. Nisha Chahal for the publication of their research paper in ‘Physical Review C’ titled “Effects of finite volume and magnetic fields on thermodynamic properties of quark matter and fluctuations of conserved charges”.

7. Navigating the US Physics Ph.D. Application Process: Insights from Mr. Pranjal Srivastava.

8. PSS congratulate students and its alumni for qualifying GATE 2023 examination with flying colours. We wish them a bright future ahead.

9. Congratulations to Dr. Vinod Ashokan and his student Mr. Ankush Girdhar for publication of their recent article.

10. Department of Physics participated enthusiastically in the National Science day celebration.

11. Congratulations to Ms. Manpreet Kaur (Ph.D student of Dr. Jyoti Bharj) for getting RA position in JNCASR, Bengaluru. PSS wishes best of luck for her bright future.

12. Congratulations to Mr. Pranjal Srivastava (MSc. Physics from NITJ) for getting offer for PhD admission in State University of New York, Buffalo, USA. PSS wishes best of luck for his bright future.

13. Congratulations to Ms. Shivanshi Tiwari (MSc. Physics from NITJ) for getting offer for PhD admission in Washington University St. Lous, USA. PSS wishes best of luck for her bright future.

14. Physical Science Society (PSS) is organizing a Cleanliness Drive "स्वेच्छा से स्वच्छता" on February 24, 2023 (Friday).

15. Congratulations to Dr. Manisha Kumari, a Ph.D. student of Dr. Arvind Kumar (Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics) for successfully defending her final Ph.D. Viva. PSS congratulates her and wishes best of luck for her bright future.

16. Department of Physics NITJ is organizing five Day DAE BRNS Workshop on Hadron Physics 2023 (Jan. 16-20, 2023) in collaboration with IIT Ropar.

17. Congratulations to Dr. Arvinder Singh and his M.Sc. project student Ms. Vidisha Rana for publishing their recent article.

18. PSS Department of Physics, NITJ is organizing 5 days workshop "Latex for Beginners" from January 4-January 8, 2023.

19. Congratulations to Prof. Arvinder Singh and his student Ms. Aman Bhatia for the publication of their recent article.

20. PSS announces result of Article Writing Contest 2022.


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The Department of Physics started in 1989 at the erstwhile REC, Jalandhar. Originally oriented towards teaching undergraduate (B.Tech.) students, the department has come a long way since – today the department in addition runs M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs.
The department strives to emerge as a premier centre of Physics education and research across the country. Our research is organized within the general areas of Condensed Matter Physics, High Energy Physics, Nuclear Physics and Plasma Physics. We have an even split of theoreticians and experimentalists, with experimental research in Radiation Physics, Thin Films, Liquid Crystals and theoretical research in Laser-Plasma Interactions, High Energy Physics, Condensed Matter Physics and Nuclear Physics.

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