Prof Harsh K Verma

Dean Academic

Email :

Prof S K Sinha

Dean Faculty Welfare

Email :

Prof J N Chakraborty

Dean Research and Consultancy

Email :

Prof Subhash Chander

Dean Planning and Development

Email :

Prof Anish Kumar Sachdeva

Dean Students Welfare

Email :

Prof S P Singh

Dean Industry & International Affairs

Email :

Associate Deans

Dr Rohit Mehra

Associate Dean Academic - PG

Email :

Dr Mamta Khosla

Associate Dean Academic - UG

Email :

Dr Anupam Yadav

Associate Dean Examination

Email :

Dr Rajeev Kukreja

Associate Dean Faculty Welfare-I

Email :

Dr Harleen Dahiya

Associate Dean Faculty Welfare-II

Email :

Dr Sukwinder Singh

Associate Dean Faculty Welfare-III

Email :

Dr Srinivas Tangellapalli

Associate Dean Research and Consultancy-I

Email :

Dr Ashish Raman

Associate Dean Research and Consultancy-II

Email :

Dr Satyender Singh

Associate Dean Research and Consultancy-III

Email :

Dr Hemant S.Chore

Associate Dean Planning and Development-I

Email :

Dr Kuldeep Singh Nagla

Associate Dean Planning and Development-II

Email :

Dr Kanish Kapoor

Associate Dean Planning and Development-III

Email :

Dr Jaspreet Kaur Rajput

Associate Dean Students Welfare-I

Email :

Dr. Rakesh K. Sharma

Associate Dean Students Welfare-II

Email :

Dr Sumit Sharma

Associate Dean Students Welfare-III

Email :

Dr M D Roy

Associate Dean Industry & International Affairs-I

Email :

Dr Balwinder Raj

Associate Dean Industry & International Affairs-II

Email :

Dr Kiran Singh

Associate Dean Industry & International Affairs-III

Email :

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