STC Emerging trends and Challenges in Communication Systems (Conducted On-11-15 January, 2021)

Research in the Communications Systems area focuses on issues regarding the efficient processing and transmission of data. Some examples of sources of data include sound, images, and sensor output signals. Signal processing algorithms deal with efficiently transforming the signals resulting from these sources into digital data streams. Communications research focuses on efficiently transmitting streams of data from one location to another.

One important example of communications research is the investigation of techniques that transmit ever increasing data rates with multiple users while consuming less radio frequency spectrum and transmitted signal power

The main objective of this course is to provide theoretical, analytical, and practical knowledge of the recent trends available in the domain of Communication Systems. During this program the scientists, academicians, and industry persons in their respective areas of expertise will discuss the current scenario on signal processing, image processing, RF design, antenna design, AI, communication networks and their applications used in current trends of research. This course gives an opportunity to get cutting edge research ideas and directions