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Chemistry NIT Jalandhar
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Creative Chemistry Club

Creative Chemistry Clgub [c3]

The Creative Chemistry Club [c3] is the name of the departmental society, has started a new era in the Department of Chemistry, Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar (Pb). The Creative Chemistry Club [c3] formerly known as Society of Chemists started in the year 2006 with the efforts of faculty members and students. The driving force behind its establishment is the spirit prevailing in the students, motivated by the teachers. The cherished dream of teachers to establish this society has taken its shape with the cooperation of the student. The society is actively participating in nurturing the student in their interest in the world of chemistry.

The Creative Chemistry Club [c3], NIT- Jalandhar is an association if individuals motivated in myriad ways for a common cause to explore and enjoy fields of academic interest in a nonconventional manner. The science of Chemistry is a heady mix of materialistic approaches intertwined with philosophical realizations. We strive to reach a balance between the two and in the process involve the current students, alumni, faculty members and staff in strengthening this platform.

To that end, regular talks and special lectures by the persons of eminence are arranged for by the c3. The best part being that it is open to all and anyone from any background and the person can come and enjoy the recent updates about a field of their choice or come to know about an area itself. The M. Sc. students during their project-work and research scholars can have contacts with the Professors at IISc, IITs, CSIR Labs, IISERs, NIPERs or any other premium Institute and can have a taste of scientific journalism besides raving up the successive issues of the journal of limits which are only but up to their levels of creativity. The strengths of M. Sc. go for Summer training after 2nd semester to various places like IITs, CSIR labs, IISER and in various industries.

The Creative Chemistry Club [c3] is also involved in organizing various events that promote student teacher interaction. This plat-form is organizing workshops, seminar and different competitive functions in Chemistry and materials for furthering our basic goal and allowing ourselves to interact with the best brains of various places.

We have just started to grow as a unit and the developments are being fuelled by a very vibrant team of volunteers headed by ever energetic and highly enthusiastic team of faculty members Dr S.B.S. Mishra, Dr B.S. Kaith, Dr N.C. Kothiyal, Dr Rajeev Jindal, Dr Harsh Manchanda, Dr Sangeeta Obrai, Dr Jaspreet Kaur, Dr Virender Singh & Dr Uma Shanker. We request the denizens of a community emphasized by Science especially our alumni, current students and faculty members to step ahead and contribute to the development of Creative Chemistry Club [c3]. We welcome the innovative suggestions from different corners and people, which will help the club in achieving its highest goal.


Executive Committee
  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. General Secretary (2nd year M.Sc. Student)
  4. Joint Secretary (1st year M.Sc. Student)
  5. Treasurer
  6. Advisor
  7. Executive Member (2) Ph.D. Student
  8. Executive Member (2) M.Sc. 2nd year Student
  9. Executive Member (3) M. Sc. 1st year Student

Members of Society
  1. All faculty members of Department of Chemistry
  2. All Ph.D. Scholars
  3. All M.Sc. 2nd year Students
  4. All M.Sc. 1st year Students
  5. Alumni of the Department


  1. To diffuse and develop knowledge in the field of Chemical Sciences and to encourage the useful applications of Chemical Science in various fields.
  2. To creation and promotion of new scientific knowledge in the field of Chemistry and materials.
  3. To create scientific environment and strengthening links between Chemists of various Institutes.
  4. To improve teaching and learning skills and professional practice in the fields of Chemistry.
  5. To promote co-operation among the various Chemical Sectors by Facilitating and sharing information, experience and equipments.
  6. To encourage friendly collaboration among members of the Society with other recognized Scientific and Engineering Societies of Institutions.
  7. The creation of highly skilled post graduates, who will work as scientific ambassadors of the Institute in industries, private enterprises, the public sectors and Educational Institutes so that they could contribute significantly to the advancement of chemistry and materials.


  1. To transfer knowledge and exchange of views through the creation of subject specific discussion groups. Groups will be supervised by the members of C3. All subscribing members will be eligible to contribute in this type of brain-storming sessions.
  2. To organize workshops related to new areas of Chemistry and materials and to create the interest of students in research and to cultivate and promote chemistry & other branches of sciences.
  3. Arrangement of scientific lectures in chemistry and other interdisciplinary fields.
  4. Increasing the frequency of paper presentations, poster making, quiz competition, GDS, Debates, Declamation as well as various cultural events.
  5. To organize the cultural programme at least once in a semester in which members of C3 should actively participate.
  6. The preparation of projects and plans for collaborating with other societies of organizations having similar objectives to share knowledge.
  7. To organize educational trips at least once in a semester.
  8. To promote collaboration between research teams to achieve multi-disciplinarily and to maximize efficiency in tacking contemporary problems.
  9. To organize some technical fest related to chemistry to develop the interest of students.
  10. To encourage and deepen understanding of students in Chemistry.
  11. Encouraging young chemists to participate in the conferences and motivating them to attend experts talks.