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Biotechnology is the application of scientific and engineering principles for the processing of materials by microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa and viruses) or Plant and Animal cells to create useful products or processes. The microbes utilized may be natural isolates or genetically engineered using recombinant DNA methods. For example, most antibiotics come from microbial fermentations involving a group of organism called actinomycetes. Yeasts are used in baking, in the production of alcohol for beverages and in fuel production (gasohol). Other groups of microorganism form products that range from organic acids to enzymes used for the production of various carbohydrates, amino acids and detergents. Biotechnology has also application in Plant and Animal tissue culture, waste and wastewater management, oil recovery and bioremediation.
What is Biotechnology
Quality Policy of the Department

The primary objective of Department of Biotechnology is to provide high quality education in the area of Biotechnology. The Department of Biotechnology aims following quality policy:

Quality objectives with respect to teaching:
To build and strengthen a centre of global repute for the advancement in teaching, education, and training

Quality objectives with respect to Research and Development activities:
To create a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem for knowledge creation, national and international collaborations, research and entrepreneurship

Quality objectives with respect to Infrastructure:
To create and maintain excellence by providing benchmark facilities in the entire spectrum of Biotechnology education, research and consultancy

Quality objectives with respect to the overall development of the students:
To foster and strengthen relations with key stakeholders of the Department through continuous engagement, assessment and support

Quality objectives with respect to Community Development:
To establish partnerships and collaboration with other institutes and communities to improve the academic and research work

B.Tech Program

The present B.Tech programme in Biotechnology started in year 2007 with an objective in providing education and training facilities, to carry out application oriented research, development of in house technologies and to promote consultancy services in various areas of Biotechnology. The Institute has a vision to develop a "Center of Excellence" in Biotechnology for carrying out basic research in various fields. The present programme will provide a strong support to the industry as well as for the research activities in emerging areas of Bioprocess Engineering, Enzyme Engineering, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry, Downstream Processing, Genetic Engineering, Immunology and Immunotechnology, Metabolic Engineering, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Protein Engineering and Recombinant DNA technology through hands on research facilities.

M.Tech Program

The present M.Tech programme in Biotechnology has been started in year 2019 (Admission through CCMT)

PhD Program

The Department has also started Ph.D programme in the broad areas such as Bioprocess Engineering, Bioenergy production, Enzyme Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology.
Programs offered
Programme Educational Objective (PEOs)

Programme Outcomes (POs)

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSO)

Course Outcomes (COs)

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